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July 2016 Archives

Length of Time for Hearings to be Held

As anyone who is applying for social security disability benefits can tell you the length of time to wait for a hearing after a request is filed is a lengthy process to wait for hearing after a hearing request is filed. The shortest wait time is Alexandria, Virginia (320 days) and the longest wait time is Miami, Florida (694 days). The wait time in the Charlotte, North Carolina Office of Disability Adjudication & Review is currently over 500 days.

Disabled workers face increased stress on the job

People who live with disabling conditions are likely used to certain tasks being more difficult for them than for people without such conditions. However, being difficult doesn't mean impossible, and in general, there are adjustments and accommodations that can make certain tasks easier.

Approval of Cases

At what level of the social security process are cases approved? Of the one million claims allowed each year, 23% are approved at the initial application level, 12% at reconsideration, 62% at the hearing level, 2% at the Appeals Council, and 1% in Federal Court. As this illustrates, it is very important to have representation at the hearing level to ensure your case has the best opportunity for success.

How workers' compensation payments work in North Carolina

If you suffer a work-related injury, chances are that you will have some questions about workers' compensation. These benefits are available to covered employees who suffer an injury or illness on the job and need medical treatment and to take time away from work.

Data reveals 2015 was a bad year for road safety

Every time you get behind the wheel of your car, you likely run a few mental checks to ensure you are being safe. You put your seat belt on, obey the speed limit and put your phone away; you might also decide to refrain from driving if you are very tired or have been drinking.

The complications of maximizing your disability payments

If you are disabled and unable to work, money and stability will likely be among your top concerns. After all, if you can't work and earn a paycheck, how will you care for yourself? How will you secure medical treatment for your condition? How will you provide for your family?

Achieving Better Life Experiences Act

The Achieving Better Life Experiences (ABLE) Act became law in December, 2014. This law allows individuals who become disabled before age 26 open special accounts to be used for disability related expenses. ABLE accounts can grow without the earnings being taxed and significant amounts can be accumulated without affecting an individual's SSI eligibility.

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