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Disabled workers face increased stress on the job

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People who live with disabling conditions are likely used to certain tasks being more difficult for them than for people without such conditions. However, being difficult doesn’t mean impossible, and in general, there are adjustments and accommodations that can make certain tasks easier.

For instance, employers are expected to make reasonable accommodations for workers with disabilities in order to make it easier for them to complete tasks safely. However, there are still a number of obstacles that present challenges for workers with disabling conditions.

NPR recently published an article on this subject. That article, which can be read in full here, explores just a few of the challenges facing people with physical and psychological disabilities in the workplace.

Stress is one of the primary factors that make it difficult for people to function easily in the workplace. As noted in the article, workers can struggle to get to and from work if they don’t have or use individual modes of transportation; they may have to take time off or leave suddenly should a health issue arise; they could have difficulty dealing with employees who are discriminatory or insensitive.

These factors can make an already difficult task even more challenging, and this creates a troubling situation. According to an NPR survey, more than one-third of disabled workers experience stress to such an extent and in such a way that it actually has a negative impact on their health. This is twice the rate reported by workers without a disability.

With all this in mind, it is no wonder why people struggle with the decision on whether they can and should return to work after leaving the workplace due to disability. Add to this the fear of losing critical disability benefits upon the return to work, and it is understandable why people are hesitant to explore their options to seek out employment.

However, if you or a loved one is in this situation, you don’t have to make this difficult decision alone. Rather than take on the added stress of examining your options and rights regarding going back to work and keeping your disability benefits, you can work with an attorney in order to alleviate some of the anxiety you may be feeling.