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The complications of maximizing your disability payments

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If you are disabled and unable to work, money and stability will likely be among your top concerns. After all, if you can’t work and earn a paycheck, how will you care for yourself? How will you secure medical treatment for your condition? How will you provide for your family?

Many Charlotte residents in this situation rely on Social Security disability benefits to help them through this difficult time. When awarded, this money can provide a steady stream of financial support to people who seriously need and deserve it. However, disability benefits typically won’t fully replace your income; in fact, many people who collect SSDI still struggle to make ends meet some months. This is why maximizing your benefits by making sure that you are receiving every dollar for which you qualify will be crucial.

This is often easier said than done. Not only are many people initially denied benefits, but there are situations in which people who collect benefits see their checks getting smaller and smaller.

For instance, one man in another state had been receiving disability benefit checks for over 30 years when he noticed they were getting smaller. According to reports, every month, $143 was deducted from his monthly payments without explanation.

After months of this garnishment, the man finally received an answer: it was a mistake.

The Department of Treasury stated that the money was taken for a debt that was not owed. He will receive the wrongfully withheld money. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done. He and his wife had to move out of their home and he stopped going to one of his doctors because they couldn’t afford that treatment.

This is just one example of easy it can be for people to receive less than they deserve. In addition to garnishment, a person can be denied benefits or have them prematurely stopped.

If you feel you are not getting all the disability benefits that you deserve and are eligible to receive, then taking legal action may be necessary. Discussing your situation and your options with an attorney familiar with Social Security disability laws and procedures can help you protect your rights and your benefits.