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Will slowing down trucks prevent catastrophic crashes?

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Speeding is one of the most dangerous things any motorist can do on the road. Driving too fast can make it more likely that a person can lose control of a vehicle and it gives people less time to brake or switch lanes in order to avoid hitting other vehicles.

Because of this, speed limits across North Carolina are strictly enforced. But the fact remains that countless drivers would rather take the risk of getting a ticket or getting into an accident than slow down. Recently, the U.S. Department of Transportation proposed a rule that would actually take this decision out of the hands of individual motorists.

According to reports, the DOT is recommending that all commercial trucks be equipped with a device that limits the vehicle’s speed. A speed limiter would make it impossible for a truck to drive faster than the designated speed, which could be just 68 mph according to the DOT.

The idea of installing speed limiting devices is not necessarily a new one, and many trucking companies already have these devices in their vehicles. However, making them mandatory still makes some critics concerned.

Making it impossible for a truck to travel over a certain speed could actually create a hazard on the road, according to some. It has been argued that if you are driving on a road where everyone around you is going 10-15 miles over the speed limit, you could be creating an obstacle by not driving at the same relative speed.

Further, at least one trucking organization believes that the best way to prevent trucking accidents is not to install more technology but to hire safe, well-qualified drivers who are capable of making the decisions necessary to avoid accidents.

Whether the proposed rule will be approved remains to be seen. In the meantime, we encourage all drivers to remember that speeding is dangerous and can cause or exacerbate motor vehicle accidents.