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North Carolina gets mixed driving report

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While North Carolina undoubtedly tops many “best of” lists, our state has a decidedly mixed record on driving, according to a recent analysis. The study by an insurance company shows that North Carolina ranks 12th in the nation for worst drivers.

The statistical analysis included fatality rates, as well as direct causes of car crashes such as drunken driving, failure to obey (traffic signals, seatbelt laws, etc.), speeding and careless driving.

The analysis is of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, including state-by-state breakdowns of fatality rate (per 100 million vehicle miles), failure to obey (the number of fatal crashes involving traffic signals, invalid drivers’ licenses, failure to wear seatbelts), drunken driving (percentage of fatal accidents involving alcohol use), speeding (percentage of fatal crashes that are speed-related) and careless driving (fatal accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists).

North Carolina ranks fourth in the nation in the speeding category. We are also below-average in careless driving (ranking 15th in the nation) and failure to obey (20th). We are better than average in drunk driving, ranked at 41. Our overall rank (12), puts us much nearer the worst drivers in the U.S. than the best.

Texas and Louisiana are tied at number 1 on the list of worst drivers, followed by South Carolina, North Dakota and Delaware. The nation’s best drivers are in Minnesota, followed by Vermont, Virginia, Iowa and Rhode Island.

No matter how high or low we rank, the reality is that the statistics all represent violent traffic accidents in which people were injured and in which senseless deaths occurred.

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