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Fatigue blamed in Charlotte-area truck accident

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If you drive for about a half-hour northeast of Charlotte, you will come to Concord. That is where a tractor trailer accident took place on I-485 a few days ago.

Law enforcement officials told a Charlotte TV station that fatigue was a factor in the crash. The driver of the big rig was injured in the incident, but no one else was hurt, authorities said.

While it is fortunate that only one person was injured, it is certainly unfortunate that his undisclosed injuries were deemed serious. He was taken to Novant Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

Crash investigators told the TV station reporter that it appears that fatigue was a factor in the crash that took place at about 2:30 in the afternoon. The 18-wheeler first swiped an abandoned car that was parked along the interstate, and then smashed into a guardrail on an overpass.

A photo of the crash aftermath shows hundreds of food carts spilled on a hill beside the overturned rig.

As we have seen far too many times, fatigued truck drivers can cause crashes that result in serious injuries to innocent motorists and their passengers. Because of the size and weight of 18-wheelers, the injuries can result in astronomical medical bills, extended periods away from work and even permanent disabilities that prevent a return to a job and career.

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