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How You Can Receive Maximum Social Security Disability Benefits

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Social Security Disability Benefits are meant for individuals who are rendered redundant due to disabilities. Those who have been making regular Social Security contributions similarly qualify. SSD benefits provide you with adequate financial support if you get disabled and unable to support your family.

The Social Security Administration has a reputation of rejecting first-time applications. This should not dissuade you since you can appeal. A Social Security Disability lawyer can guide you through the entire appeal process. These legal experts have the know-how about collecting necessary evidence. This way, they can easily build a strong case that will ensure that you are given maximum benefits by the SAA.

If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, your attorney can help you lodge an appeal. You must first make a written request within two months of your claim’s rejection. Since the process can be lengthy, it is advisable to swing into action as soon as you receive a denial letter. An SAA appeal process typically comprises four crucial stages.

  • Reconsideration. During this stage, someone who didn’t take part in your claim’s rejection will be asked to review existing and new evidence concerning your situation.
  • Hearing. If you are in disagreement with the decision that will have been made at the reconsideration phase, you can request a formal hearing. Prior to this, the Administrative Law Judge may ask you to furnish him/her with additional evidence in support of your claim. During hearing, the judge will question both you and your witnesses before making a decision.
  • Appeals Council. If you still disagree with the decision of the Administrative Law Judge, your attorney can request the Appeals Council to review the case. However, the council may choose to reject your request if it believes that the judge’s decision was correct. If a case review is granted, the Appeals Council will issue a decision after reevaluating your claim.
  • Federal Court. This is your last hope when appealing an SAA claim rejection. You can kick start a litigation process if you dispute the decision of the Appeal Council. Filing a lawsuit is also an option if the Appeal Council denies you a hearing without a satisfactory explanation.

When filing a Social Security Disability claim, you just prove to the relevant agencies that you have been disabled by a physical or mental disorder. Regularly consult your SSD attorney so that the odds of getting compensated improve.