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Impatient trucker causes school bus crash

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The driver of a car ahead of an 18-wheeler was too slow at a red light to suit the trucker. So the truck driver swung his enormous vehicle around the car and into the intersection. Unfortunately, in the intersection the big rig slammed into the side of a school bus carrying children.

Thankfully, no school kids were injured in the truck crash, though it is undoubtedly true that parents of the children have gone through considerable worry and anguish since the frightening episode last week.

According to news reports of the crash far to the south of Charlotte, only the bus driver’s assistant suffered any injury at all, and hers was apparently minor. The accident was a few miles north of Tampa, Florida.

Five students were on a Pasco County bus when the impatient trucker maneuvered his tractor-trailer around a car and T-boned the bus. Video released by the Highway Patrol of the intersection shows the truck swing around a car and attempt a left-hand turn without stopping.

It then crashes into the middle of the bus. Thankfully, neither vehicle was at a speed great enough to cause injuries to occupants.

We hope that other truck drivers learn an important lesson: impatience can be dangerous, especially when impatience involves an 18-wheeler that can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. No truck load can possibly be worth the lives of school kids or anyone else.

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