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Husband killed, wife injured in North Carolina truck crash

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No one knows what he was thinking in his last moments, but we do know that he was with the woman he loved. The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says a 68-year-old man was in the passenger seat and his wife was in the driver’s seat when their vehicle was rammed by a tractor-trailer on N.C. 11. The 18-wheeler that hit the car had been struck moments earlier by another tractor-trailer.

The Deep Run man was killed when the big rig smashed into the car sitting at a stop sign and then landed on top of it, police said. His wife has been hospitalized with injuries that have not been described by officials.

Police say the chain-reaction began when a truck driver pulled his 18-wheeler onto the highway and struck another tractor-trailer. The struck rig then crashed into the car carrying the husband and wife.

The car was spun by the collision, and then the massive truck toppled over on to it, police said.

The truck driver who police say caused the crashes has been arrested and charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle. We do not yet know why the truck driver pulled out in front of the oncoming truck. In some similar situations, distraction, alcohol, inattention and lack of judgment are factors in avoidable tragedies.

We can only hope that the victim’s widow has a full recovery from her physical injuries. It seems very possible that recovery from the emotional wounds will be at least as difficult.

It is no easy matter for families that have lost loved ones to pursue justice. An experienced Charlotte personal injury attorney will discuss with you the best legal options available for full and fair compensation.