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March 2017 Archives

Can I receive workers’ compensation for depression?

Workers’ compensation may seem like a common sense process to many. If you get injured and need compensation for your medical expenses and missed pay, you seek workers’ compensation. Many individuals every year deal with workplace accidents that take them away from their job either temporarily or permanently.

Police: Drunk trucker slammed 18-wheeler into car, killed driver

A truck driver who is rolling through Charlotte on I-85 today might be pulling into Los Angeles in a couple of days and then dropping off a load in Chicago a few days after that. Truckers' mobility is one of their most valuable assets.

Attack on Social Security Disability Insurance rebutted

WBTV has been beaming the CBS network's offerings to Charlotte for decades. An important part of the programming has been the weekly discussion of important national issues, "Face the Nation." A recent installment of the show featured Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, talking about matters important to the administration.

Three injured in trio of three-vehicle highway wrecks

It's just an hour and a half northwest of Charlotte to Morganton. The Burke County seat was the site of a trio of three-vehicle wrecks at about 6:30 in the morning last Tuesday. Three people were injured in the crashes on Interstate 40, a spokesperson with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

Tips for preserving evidence after a car accident

Being involved in a car accident can leave you feeling disoriented. If anyone has been injured, it is vital to get medical attention for them right away. But it is also important to preserve and gather evidence - particularly if you are filing an injury or property damage claim.

The issue of intentionality in workplace accidents

Workers' compensation is that insurance that deals with North Carolina work-related injuries in a no-fault context. The idea is that, once a workers' compensation claim is made and resolved, the employee cannot allege the employer is to blame for what happened. This is what "exclusive remedy" means.

Construction industry still among most dangerous in North Carolina

One of the most dangerous -- and important -- industries in North Carolina is the construction business. Whether it is of construction of houses or commercial developments, roadway paving, bridge erection, excavations or demolitions, construction workers are regularly exposed to on-the-job hazards.

4 costs of a car crash involving death and injury

You lost a loved one in a car crash, and you know that it's an expensive, stressful time in your life. You have your own injuries to care for, and you also have to handle the death that you were unprepared for. There are medical bills, funeral costs and other financial losses to consider as well as the loss of companionship and joy you had from seeing your loved one. Thirty-thousand or more people are killed in the United States each year in car crashes alone. Overall, the 2013 totals showed that these deaths cost $44 billion.

North Carolina woman indicted in drunk driving crash

If you drive about two and a half hours southeast of Charlotte, you will arrive in Robeson County, North Carolina. The county's biggest city is Lumberton, which is also home to a woman recently indicted on charges of manslaughter and child abuse stemming from a car accident late last year in which she was allegedly driving drunk.

Car crashes happen to others, unless and until they happen to you

Vehicle accidents can seem like rarities. At the very least, most people in North Carolina probably hold the opinion that when they do occur, they happen to other people. Most are fender benders that insurance can take care of repairs anyway, right? Perhaps, but if a driver's negligence causes a collision and someone is seriously injured or killed, the dynamic is very different.

Protecting your peepers

Those little marshmallow chicks that appear every year before Easter are peeps, while the complex optical sensors in your head are known as peepers. Just in case there's any doubt, it's the peepers that need protection and care, especially when you're at work.

Regrets and well wishes from a distracted driver

One of the goals on our North Carolina law blog is to share stories that illustrate issues that impact your life. A safety issue often on the minds of those who drive Charlotte's fast-moving streets and highways: distracted driving and the crashes, injuries and fatalities it causes.

How to Win a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim in North Carolina

Motor vehicle accidents lawsuits in Charlotte and Mecklenburg lie under the laws of the State of North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, if you are involved in a car accident, you should never attempt to flee. If you run, you will be wanted by the law, whether or not you were at fault. You must also inform the police if anyone is injured or killed, or the damage to the cars or property amounts to at least $1,000. Failure to report the case can lead to serious legal issues including the suspension of your license.

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