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Car crashes happen to others, unless and until they happen to you

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Vehicle accidents can seem like rarities. At the very least, most people in North Carolina probably hold the opinion that when they do occur, they happen to other people. Most are fender benders that insurance can take care of repairs anyway, right? Perhaps, but if a driver’s negligence causes a collision and someone is seriously injured or killed, the dynamic is very different.

Successful insurance companies aren’t in that position because they simply dole out money. They are profitable by taking in more money than they pay out in claims. When faced with a claim where injury is involved, they leverage experience and resources to limit the damage to their bottom line. Victims are at a disadvantage, which is why consulting a skilled attorney before answering any adjuster’s questions is recommended. That’s the surest way to be sure your rights are protected.

A number of recent stories inspire this particular post. The first is the recent train-bus collision that happened down in Mississippi. It made headlines around the country so many readers may be familiar with it. The collision occurred last Tuesday when the bus hung up on a railroad crossing. Four people died and dozens of others were hurt.

The incident, which has already triggered two victim lawsuits, is somewhat similar to one that happened a couple of weeks ago in Fayetteville. An Associated Press story on that event says one person, age 50, died. The 51-year-old driver suffered serious injuries.

Then there’s the report last week of a 31-year-old woman struck by a hit-and-run driver as she walked across a street in South End. Police say the suspect in the case turned himself in the next day, but at the time this is written, the woman remains in critical condition.

When you are hurt in a wreck, your focus needs to be on physical recovery. Efforts to recover your lost wages and assure that your long-term medical costs are covered can be handled by your attorney.