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Three injured in trio of three-vehicle highway wrecks

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It’s just an hour and a half northwest of Charlotte to Morganton. The Burke County seat was the site of a trio of three-vehicle wrecks at about 6:30 in the morning last Tuesday. Three people were injured in the crashes on Interstate 40, a spokesperson with the North Carolina Highway Patrol said.

A 51-year-old old Marion woman was charged with failing to maintain lane control, the spokesperson said.

The chain reaction of crashes apparently began when the Wilcox woman tried to pass another vehicle on the left. Unfortunately, as she tried to make the pass, she began to lose control of her vehicle, which began swerving and drifting to the right.

The two cars collided. The Wilcox woman then apparently then turned her vehicle to the left and had almost come to a stop when a vehicle coming from behind collided with her car.

The Highway Patrol spokesperson said the other crashes were caused by drivers attempting to avoid the initial wreck by slamming on their brakes and then being rear-ended.

Several drivers were cited for failing to reduce the speed of their vehicles.

“The other cars that were coming along were not paying attention or were not able to stop in enough time and it ended up being a chain reaction,” the spokesperson said.

Three of the motorists involved were hospitalized because of injuries described as “minor.” Six of the nine vehicles involved were totaled, according to the news report.

Far too often people are injured in motor vehicle accidents because they aren’t paying attention to conditions or are driving too fast for conditions. It’s also far too commonplace for their insurers to try to stick accident victims with the bills for their injuries.

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