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North Carolina sisters die together in highway crash

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They lived together and died together. They were virtually inseparable North Carolina sisters who grew up a short drive north of Charlotte in Mooresville.

The pair of siblings perished together in a car accident in Arizona as they were driving to watch the sun rise over the Grand Canyon. Law enforcement officials blame the accident on a wrong-way driver who might have been impaired at the time of the crash.

The eldest sister was just 20 years ago and ready to graduate from college in Phoenix. The younger sister was a junior at Western Carolina University who was visiting her sibling.

The two spoke to their mother back in Monroeville the night before the tragic, head-on highway crash. They laughed together and teased their mom – and they told her that they loved her.

“So they got in the car, they headed to the Grand Canyon… and they died,” their mom told the Charlotte Observer.

They were killed in a collision on Interstate 17 when a 21-year-old man sped the wrong way in the northbound lanes. According to police, the two cars were so mangled by the impact that it took responders hours to extract the bodies of the two sisters and the driver of the other vehicle.

Police say they have not ruled out impairment as a cause of the crash.

Of her two daughters, the mom said, “They were a team that couldn’t be beat” and “just loved to be together.” So they planned a spring break together that resulted in them dying together.

“We know where they are,” said their mom. “They’re in heaven.”