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Report: Workplace injuries can have devastating economic impacts

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A new report highlights the dangers people face in their jobs every day. The report was compiled by using injury and fatality data from the federal government’s Bureau of Statistics as well as Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforcement data from last year.

One of the conclusions researchers came to: deficiencies in the workers’ compensation system too often mean that needed benefits are not timely. As regular readers of our North Carolina Law Blog know, far too many injured workers are forced to fight for deserved, earned benefits.

The AFL-CIO report notes that in 2015, approximately 3.7 million injuries and illnesses were reported by workers across the U.S. The national injury and illness rate declined to 3.0 per 100 workers, which was down from 2014’s rate of 3.2.

Which industry accounted for the greatest percentage of nonfatal injuries and illnesses? Health care and social assistance; workers in that field had 21 percent of all reported injuries and illnesses in the nation. That is three times the amount for the construction industry.

Other dangerous industries: Manufacturing accounted for 16 percent of all reported injuries and illnesses, while retail trade workers reported 14 percent of the national total.

The industry with the highest injury-illness rate? Agriculture. Workers in the industry suffered 13.6 injuries or illnesses per 100 workers, followed by nursing and residential care (12.0), police (11.3), furniture manufacturing (10.8), fire protection services (10.2) and mobile home manufacturing (10.2).

Injuries in certain jobs are more likely to be severe enough to necessitate days away from work. Among the listed occupations: trucker, laborers, freight movers, nursing assistance, maintenance workers, personal care aides and people who provide janitorial services.

It is worth noting again that it is too common that injured workers have to fight for the workers’ comp benefits they have earned.

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