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After car crash, much of his life has been changed forever

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Three months ago, he was a blue-collar guy who enjoyed skateboarding and going out on the water near his coastal North Carolina home. In the aftermath of a February car crash, he cannot feel anything from his waist down and is trying to figure out how to pick his baby daughter up out of her crib.

According to U.S. News & World Report, the 23-year-old Hampstead man was driving to pick up a backhoe for work. He saw a BMW blow through a stop sign and he braced for the collision. The violent motor vehicle crash left him pinned against the steering wheel, upside down in the wreckage of the truck waiting for responders to free him.

The two women in the BMW were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Rescuers needed 45 minutes to extricate him from the tangle of twisted metal and smashed glass. The whole time, he could not feel anything in his legs.

The feeling in the bottom half of his body has not returned.

A portion of his shattered T12 vertebrae had to be surgically removed as pins and a rod were inserted in his spine, according to the news report.

He is now classified as a paraplegic, though doctors say they are going to allow spinal swelling to recede more before making a final determination.

Back in October, he and his fiancée had a baby girl.

The young family undoubtedly has sizable medical bills in its future, coupled with his uncertain employment possibilities.

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