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Best ways to avoid parking lot accidents

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Mother’s Day is nearly upon us. With that, we all want to get to a store and pick up gifts for the special ladies in our lives. Indeed,  we all want to get in and out of shopping centers as quickly and expeditiously as we can, but in doing so, we will invariably run into careless people (literally and figuratively).

Despite this possibility, there are tips and maneuvers that can help drivers avoid parking lot accidents.

Be aware of your speed in certain areas– Most people know to slow down in a parking lot, but they may be tempted to jump on the gas to grab a prime parking spot. Just know that a great parking spot is not worth destroying your car.

Patience is the key   – In the same vein. Prime parking spots can be had simply by being patient and waiting for spots to open up. Even during the busiest times at a shopping mall, spots commonly open (on average) every ten minutes.

Use your technology – If there’s an app for everything, then using parking lot apps such as Parker or Parknav can help you safely find parking spots so that you are not putting pedestrians at risk while you try to outrace another driver to a coveted spot. Even more important, most cars come with backup cameras that allow you to survey the area around you so that you are not backing into someone.

Ultimately, driving in a parking lot requires the same level of care as driving on the street. If a driver fails to use reasonable care in a parking lot, he or she could be held liable if an accident occurs.