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Part II: Be aware that May is Mental Health Awareness Month

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As regular readers of our North Carolina Law Blog know, we recently wrote about Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout May, advocates and organizations will be working hard to raise awareness, empathy, understanding and respect for those dealing with mental health issues.

As we noted in our previous post, some people who struggle with chronic depression or anxiety disorders will be unable to continue working. Fortunately, part our national safety net is there to catch them: Social Security Disability. With SSDI benefits, they are able to pay rent or a mortgage, buy groceries and get the medications and therapy that can help them to make the best of their situations.

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, many of those suffering from chronic health problems are also more likely to have to deal with mental health issues. Our physical and mental well-being are more closely linked than previously thought.

In some cases, chronic depression can lead to symptoms of chronic pain, while for some people dealing initially with chronic pain will find that will also be forced to contend with depression.

More and more, scientists are learning that there is no real dividing line between mind and body. If one of those two is suffering, it is very possible that the other will at some point follow suit.

For those who are forced by illness to give up work and career, SSDI benefits are a critical lifeline. A Charlotte attorney experienced in helping clients can help you gather the medical history paperwork and navigate the complex benefits appeals process.

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