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Two little girls killed in North Carolina tractor-trailer crashes

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A Charlotte TV station recently reported on a fiery, deadly crash involving 18-wheelers on a North Carolina interstate. A family of four – including two young girls – was killed when a tractor-trailer hit their vehicle on I-95 just north of the South Carolina border.

The family members killed included a mom, dad and their two daughters: a one-year-old and a 4-year-old. A truck driver was also killed in the crash.

A North Carolina Highway Patrol spokesperson said a total of six vehicles were involved in the Robeson County crashes, including two tractor-trailers. The series of violent collisions began when a tanker truck going south failed to slow at a work zone where crews were painting markings on a stretch of the interstate.

The tanker slammed into a pick-up truck, which was knocked forward. The pick-up triggered a chain-reaction crash with two SUVs.

The tanker continued on into another collision, this time with another 18-wheeler, which then collided with a third commercial vehicle.

Gasoline in the tanker ignited and the large vehicle was in flames as it veered into a shoulder.

Family members killed inside the pick-up: a mother (32 years old), father (24) and their two daughters (ages 4 and 1).

The tanker’s driver was a 68-year-old South Carolina man.

Four people in SUVs were injured and taken to nearby hospitals with injuries described as serious.

As we see so often with truck accidents, the damages are horrific. Deaths and life-changing injuries.

We hope for the best for the accident injury victims and for those grieving the loss of loved ones.

The pursuit of justice in these matters can often include personal injury claims and wrongful death litigation.