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Going without: Disabled Americans often struggle to get good food

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We see the stories in Charlotte news media and in articles and broadcast reports from newspapers and broadcasters from around the nation: skewed portrayals of the lives of people forced to give up work and apply for disability benefits. So many of these reports present political opinions rather than accurate descriptions of people struggling with illness or injury and trying to get by on SSDI.

A new study shows how difficult it is for people receiving disability benefits to get adequate amounts of healthful food.

The report details the difficulties experienced by people with disabilities in Chicago and the surrounding area. Though they live in and around one of the nation’s biggest cities, nearly one third of all households with a disabled, working-age adult are “food insecure.” The term refers to those unable to get sufficient amounts of nutritious food.

The study finds that two of the most common problems to getting proper amounts of good food are a lack of transportation and physical barriers such as long lines and stairs at food pantries.

The report said problems could be alleviated with a break in the state’s budget impasse so that social services would again receive adequate funding. The study by the Greater Chicago Food Depository also urged private charities to increase their food-distribution efforts and do away with physical barriers that make it impossible for some on SSDI to make use of their currently available services.

No one should be under the illusion that SSDI is paying for a life of luxury. But this vital safety net helps disabled Americans keep the lights on and roofs over their heads.

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