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Speed, drunkenness, mayhem on a North Carolina morning

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If you take Interstate 85 northeast of Charlotte, you will soon come to Salisbury. A recent motor vehicle crash there combined several elements common in serious accidents: an allegedly drunk driver, high speeds and poor judgment. The result was a three-car crash that caused injuries to motorists.

Law enforcement officials said the accident occurred in morning rush hour traffic when an apparently intoxicated 43-year-old man going more than 100 miles per hour crossed the center line and slammed into a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction.

The drunk driver was behind the wheel of a 2004 Honda at 7:30 this past Monday morning when he took the vehicle to over 100 mph on Jake Alexander Boulevard in Salisbury. The nearly head-on crash mangled the other driver’s car so badly it took rescuers more than an hour to free a woman pinned inside.

She was then transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries that required her to undergo surgery.

After that initial crash, the allegedly intoxicated driver’s vehicle crashed into another car. The driver of that car was treated at the hospital and released, officials told a TV station.

The driver who caused the mayhem and injuries has a prior drunk driving conviction, according to the report. He is facing a DWI and driving on a revoked license charge.

As is almost always the case when inebriation, speed and poor judgment are present, innocent people suffer.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a drunk driver, contact an experienced North Carolina personal injury attorney to discuss your legal options.