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Start summer safely with National Safety Month

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It is time for North Carolina weather to get hot and sticky. Summer is starting, which means lots of outdoor fun on lakes and rivers, as well as picnics, hiking, camping, road trips and more.

Summer is also the time to keep indoor activities in the workplace safe. The National Safety Council has designated June as National Safety Month and it is leading efforts to get employers and employees alike to reduce the number of workplace injuries.

The Council says it will focus on falls in the first week this month. As you likely know, falls from heights are a leading cause of serious on-the-job injuries, especially in the construction industry.

Experts say that employees and employers should ensure that tasks involving work from heights are only executed with proper equipment, safety gear, training and planning.

The focus of the second week is fatigue; a condition that makes us more likely to make mistakes that can result in injuries to us or fellow workers.

Week three will take a look at preparations that can be made to prevent workplace violence, while the focus of week four will be ergonomics.

The Council reminds us that every day, there are preventable injuries in the workplace.Of course, no matter how careful we are, some accidents and injuries are going to occur. When they do, you can be eligible for North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits.

An experienced Charlotte workers compensation attorney can help you fight against unwarranted denial of the benefits you have earned and that you deserve.