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Car vaults into air in highway crash northeast of Charlotte

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If you have driven northeast of Charlotte on Highway 601 North in Cabarrus County, you likely passed some of the scenery you can see whizzing by in a video that has gone viral in social media. The 3 and a half minute video shows a driver careening from side to side on the highway, sometimes directly into the path of oncoming traffic, before the vehicle veers off the road, hits a bump and vaults into the air before smashing headlong into a tree.

The man behind the wheel of the silver sedan gives a frightening illustration of how dangerous intoxicated drivers can be. Thankfully, no one was killed in this crash. The Charlotte man who followed the driver and captured the video was unhurt.

The driver was apparently high on “illegal drugs,” according to media reports. He later told law enforcement officials that he did not even know how he arrived at the crash scene.

In the video, you can see the silver car drift across the highway as traffic approaches from the other direction. Before a head-on collision can take place, the driver drifted even further to his left, briefly off of the road entirely, before going back into the lane for oncoming traffic.

A series of vehicles were able to narrowly avoid the sedan as it made its way down the wrong side of the road. After a couple of minutes, the driver makes his way back into the proper lane and manages to stay there for a few seconds before careening again to the left side of the highway and back again.

The car then drives off the right side of the highway, hits a bump and soars into the air and into a tree.

Those who watch the video will probably feel a sense of relief that they didn’t encounter the recklessly driven vehicle.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident caused by a driver impaired by alcohol or drugs, you can speak with a personal injury attorney experienced in pursuit of maximum compensation for all damages.