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Financial expert makes the case for disability insurance

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When you are young and healthy, it can feel like nothing will ever slow you down. But according to research, one out of every four 20-year-olds today will be disabled by injury or illness before they retire.

The Council for Disability Awareness says more than 37 million Americans are disabled, which is approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population. More than half of those who are disabled are in the prime working age of between 18 and 64. For most of them, Social Security disability benefits will provide a crucial financial lifeline.

A recent newspaper column says more than 8 million people currently receive SSDI benefits. It also points out that many people who are injured on the job can receive benefits from disability insurance policies that they purchase or that they get through employers.

The financial expert who wrote the column makes it plain: she says every worker should have disability insurance. Whether you are single, married or married with children, the insurance policies provide peace of mind when you’re healthy and needed benefits when you are unable to work.

The best bet for affordable insurance, she says, is through your employer. But fewer companies are offering insurance, so for many Charlotte residents, that means buying insurance directly.

She notes that Social Security provides disability benefits, but that it’s “difficult to qualify for Social Security disability benefits.” After all, as many of our readers understand, most SSDI claims are initially denied.

With the help of a skilled North Carolina SSDI attorney, you can appeal the decision.