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Impaired wrong-way North Carolina driver causes crashes, injuries

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Some of the most violent collisions occur when someone drives the wrong way on a highway and crashes head-on into another vehicle.

A North Carolina man recently drove the wrong way on U.S. Highway 70 in Durham, causing a chain reaction of crashes that began with a head-on collision. A woman and her daughter sustained serious injuries in the wrecks. The wrong-way driver has been charged with driving while impaired, a news report stated.

According to law enforcement officials, the Durham man was driving the wrong way in a 2007 Toyota Camry, which crashed head-on into a 2005 Nissan Sentra going east. The Nissan was driven by a Raleigh woman who sustained multiple fractures of her legs and pelvis, the news report stated.

The Nissan was struck from behind by the woman’s daughter’s car; the daughter had been following her mom on the highway. The daughter was hospitalized with a broken collarbone and minor injuries, police said.

The daughter’s car was rear-ended by a Ford pick-up. The driver of that vehicle was not injured. The driver of a vehicle that was struck by crash debris was also not injured.

A passenger in the wrong-way driver’s car is believed to have suffered a broken collarbone in the crash, while the impaired driver of that car sustained only minor abrasions, police said.

In many cases like this, an impaired driver who causes a car accident and injuries will later sustain pain of a different type: financial discomfort. Many times, accident injury victims will pursue personal injury litigation against the impaired driver and receive substantial compensation for all damages.

The pursuit of justice and compensation begins with a conversation with a Charlotte personal injury attorney.