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In her own words: She is glad now that she applied for SSDI

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A recent newspaper op-ed speaks directly to the many difficult issues people face as they wrestle with the possibility that serious medical issues will prevent them from continuing to work. The op-ed was written by a woman who has struggled with autoimmune diseases since childhood.

Despite serious medical problems such as scoliosis, arthritis, migraine headaches and fibromyalgia, she is a proud mother who was for years able to pursue a career as well.

But going to work was for her an everyday ordeal. “Working would cause pain,” she writes, “and lots of it. Sitting at a desk all day caused pain and muscle spasms.”

She writes that her vacation time was eaten up by sick days.

“Doctors appointments, specialist appointments, lab draws and medical testing” sapped her energy and devoured time that would have been devoted to work and family in better circumstances.

When she thought about falling behind in her work due to illness, fatigue, pain and related factors, the worry would trigger her autoimmune conditions and make everything even more difficult.

By the spring of last year, she decided to take a big step she had long resisted: she filed for Social Security Disability benefits.

“One of the most difficult and emotional decisions of my life,” she writes.

Despite initial misgivings, she is now glad she applied.

“My stress level from work has been eradicated,” she notes. “I no longer stress over having to tell my boss that I have yet another doctor’s appointment or that I can’t come into work, yet again, because I am sick. On days that I don’t feel well, I can curl up at home, rest and recover without guilt.”

The safety net caught her. Her life is less stressful (a huge benefit for those with autoimmune conditions) and she has the time to see doctors, go to labs for testing and rest when she needs it.

If you are in a similar situation and want help getting through the difficult SSDI appeals process, contact a qualified Charlotte Social Security Disability appeals attorney.