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In praise of an understated, effective call for worker safety

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There is something to be said — quietly — for understatement. Our world is so often filled with hyperbole and excess that we sometimes forget how effective restraint and moderation can be in debate.

An example of this effectiveness can be found in a recent North Carolina newspaper editorial about workplace safety. The Winston-Salem Journal points to a construction accident that resulted in serious injuries and a relatively small fine for the company whose worker was hurt.

The paper doesn’t wave its rhetorical arms or jump up and down. Instead, it points out that the incident in May should serve as “a reminder to all of us to take workplace safety seriously.”

North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Division officials penalized the construction company for not properly bracing a wall at a demolition site. The wall collapsed on a Greensboro man, pinning him until local residents rushed to his aid.

It turned out that the company had not braced two walls properly and had also not had the site surveyed before demolition work began.

After all was said and done, the company was fined $2,800 for its pair of safety violations.

“In the vast scheme of things, the fine isn’t momentous,” the paper stated. “But we hope it’ll serve as a reminder to this company and others that workplace safety must be crucial.”

We agree with the paper and appreciate its civil tone.

This wasn’t the worst accident or biggest fine, but it is important to notice safety violations because all too often they result in injuries.

Let’s hope that the injured worker has received full workers’ compensation benefits so that his recovery is speedy and the damages to his financial health are minimal.

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