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September 2017 Archives

Part two of SSDI backlog: another side of the story

Regular readers know that we shared the first half of a story about the SSDI backlog that has gotten so much attention in the press lately. We are going to pick up this story again; a tale that revolves around a locksmith who lost his job due to a back injury that diminished his productivity. He found himself out of work, disabled by his back pain and forced to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

SSDI backlog: another side of the story

Residents of North Carolina are known for working hard and playing hard. Many of us identify with the work we do; it's a part of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world. When an injury or illness prevents a person from working, there is often a difficult period of adjustment.

Your work schedule might be a killer

When you are wheeled into the emergency room of a Charlotte hospital, one of the very last things on your mind are the long hours the ER physician might have endured over the past week. But in many hospitals, ER doctors and nurses work long hours on rotating shifts that leave them exhausted, sleep-deprived and more likely to make mistakes that could affect you.

Associated Press: SSDI backlog now tops 1 million

One million is a big number. Despite the astronomical figures in the federal debt, baseball player salaries and the number of results you get a typical Google search, a million is still a lot. And when more than a million Americans are on a Social Security Disability waiting list, the number becomes heartbreaking.

North Carolina is observing Child Passenger Safety Week

Children are the most precious cargo you will ever have in your car, truck or SUV as you drive around Charlotte. Whether they are your kids or your grandchildren or someone else's kids, they all deserve to handled with care. 

Ranking Charlotte's riskiest jobs

When you walk, bike, ride the bus or drive around Charlotte, you see people doing a wide variety of jobs with varying degrees of risk involved. From crane operators to taxi cab drivers to office workers to retail clerks and beyond, the dangers of workplace accidents and injuries shifts from job to job.

Expert advice on coping with disability

It is interesting to see how life can turn itself around. A rich person can become poor and a poor person can become rich. Thin can become fat and fat become thin. A person who was once rejected because of a disability can be sought after for advice about disabilities.

Charlotte construction work is rough on the body

Charlotte construction workers know better than anyone how rough work can be on the body. Some experts say construction workers might not realize how those aches, pains and injuries can add up and make them more vulnerable to opioid addiction, however.

Indifference to highway safety tears North Carolina family apart

He was a hard-working family man. He and his wife loved to hike and camp. A longtime truck driver, the North Carolina man had always insisted that his big rig and trailers were properly maintained and safe.

Frustration mounts over Social Security Disability backlog

There is little doubt that many North Carolina voters have grown impatient with our federal government. Democrats and Republicans alike are frustrated with the snail's pace at which improvements are made to Washington D.C.'s bureaucracy.

Somber anniversary of a North Carolina worker tragedy

A few days ago, we here in North Carolina saw the passing of a terrible anniversary: on September 3 it was 26 years to the day since a deadly fire at a Hamlet factory. Twenty-five workers died in the blaze at the chicken processing plant and another 40 were injured.

Past and present collide in fatal North Carolina crash

A few hours west of Charlotte, a quaint Labor Day tradition reminds people of America's rugged past. Each year, hobbyists assemble a wagon train and ride slowly on wooden wheels across the county on the first Monday of September.

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