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Making the world safer, not more dangerous

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Since the dawn of time, humans have developed ever more sophisticated technology with which to fight. From sticks and stones to clubs, guns, tanks, ships, jets and more, humans have always pushed to develop more protective defenses and more lethal weapons.

We read recently of a robotics company that has decided not to contribute to today’s arms race. Instead, company executives at Sarcos Robotics said recently that “we have made a commitment, as a team, not to weaponize the robots we make.” Instead, they have decided to focus on improving workplace safety and productivity.

Sarcos develops futuristic metal exoskeleton suits that multiply a person’s strength while also providing a protective exterior. Their marketing and product line is shifting from the potential for causing destruction and mayhem to worker safety and productivity applications that could, for instance, simultaneously make a construction worker much more powerful and much safer.

A Sarcos executive said that right now their exoskeleton and robotics products are getting “lots of interest” from executives in manufacturing and construction. More attention is expected in coming days from the nuclear power industry as well.

The company’s $60,000 snakelike robot has a number of potential uses, a spokesperson said. Law enforcement could use the robot to get clear, safe views of hostage situations; safety inspectors could likewise get clear, safe views of corrosion on bridges and enormous oil storage tanks.

With companies such as Sarcos, the future for safer, more productive workers appears bright.

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