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Construction firms highlight list of America’s safest companies

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The safest companies in the U.S. come in all sizes and shapes. From an analytic laboratory to petroleum waste management and from electrical engineering to office furniture manufacturing and beyond, the companies on the annual EHS Today list share a commitment to worker safety.

Each of the firms understands that workplace injuries diminish productivity and workforce morale and also harm a company’s ability to attract the best talent and compete for lucrative contracts.

Some might suspect that a list of safest companies would be comprised of firms focused on accounting, engineering, web development and similarly sedate ventures. The reality is that several of the companies are in the construction industry; widely considered one of the most dangerous lines of work in the nation.

For instance, California’s Electrical Systems & Instrumentation is an electrical contractor with 150 employees — and a record of going for years without an OSHA-recordable worker injury. “A terrific accomplishment in our field,” says the company’s field safety supervisor.

A dedication to safety in construction also pervades industrial construction and engineering firm H+M Industrial EPC of Pasadena, Texas. The company is “committed to the goal of ensuring continuous improvement in all aspects of health, safety and environment,” EHS Today states.

The construction safety list also includes heavy construction contractor Nova Group Inc. of Napa, California. “Nova understands that safety, quality and production are equally important and that you can’t have one without the other,” says its corporate safety officer.

It’s admirable that a dedication to workplace safety has enabled three construction firms to land on the prestigious EHS Today recognition list.

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