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Charlotte news report: Trucker charged in I-40 crash death

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Charlotte media recently reported on a horrific, violent crash on Interstate 40 in which a 43-year-old Conover woman died. According to reports, she was driving her Toyota 4Runner west when a tractor-trailer pulled into her lane and forced her vehicle off the road.

As the Toyota went on to the grass, the woman overcorrected and her vehicle flipped, went over the guardrail and spun into the eastbound lanes, where it stopped. The investigating North Carolina State Highway Patrol trooper said the trucker appears to be at fault in the fatal truck accident. He has been charged with misdemeanor death by vehicle and failing to maintain lane.

There were no other vehicles involved in the crash near Exit 118. In fact, the 18-wheeler and Toyota never touched, the trucker said.

The state trooper said the truck driver claimed that he was driving along when the woman “came up beside him blowing her horn and he looked down and over and they started sliding.” When a reporter asked the handcuffed truck driver if he had been distracted before the crash, the trucker did not respond.

The trooper said it was “one of the most violent rollovers” he has ever seen.

A driver who was directly behind the truck and Toyota said, “The truck came over into the fast lane and ran the other car off the road.”

Law enforcement officials said that the truck driver’s commercial driver’s license is inactive.

We do not know the cause of this truck accident, but we do know that in many similar tragedies, distraction and inattention played major roles.

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