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North Carolina workplace deaths down last year

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The North Carolina Department of Labor recently released some mixed news about workplace safety. In the 2017 fiscal year, workplace deaths declined dramatically in Charlotte and across the rest of the state. Though the drop is welcome, if even one person loses their life while working, that’s one too many.

There were 35 workplace deaths in the fiscal year that ended in September, with 9 of those here in the Charlotte area. In fiscal 2016, statewide on-the-job fatalities totaled 48, with 21 of those reported in our area.

The Department of Labor report says Charlotte was tied with Raleigh and Winston-Salem as areas with the highest number of workplace fatalities.

The two deadliest industries in the state were construction and manufacturing. Both had 12 workers lose their lives while working. Other industries that had on-the-job deaths: wholesale trade (4); Agriculture, forestry and fishing (3); Transportation and public utilities (2); retail trade (1); and government (1).

The types of events that resulted in deaths included struck by objects (12); falls from elevation (10); caught in/caught between (5); shock (3); and falls on the same level (1).

According to the report, the deadliest month last year was February and the worst day of the week was Wednesday.

Of course, there are workplace accidents and injuries every day across the state. Thankfully, few result in death.

Unfortunately, many of the injuries require medical care and time off for the employee to regain their health.

If you have been injured while working and been denied North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits, you can speak with a Charlotte work injury attorney who understands the process and paperwork and can help you fight for the medical care and wage replacement you need and deserve.