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March 2018 Archives

Social Security Administration finally gets modest budget boost

In recent years, one of the safest, easiest places for Congress to make budget cuts was at the Social Security Administration. A recent Reuters column points out that the cuts have made it difficult for customers to get information, help and services. Who are Social Security's customers? Mostly the retired, and workers with serious, long-term health problems that prevent them from continuing their careers.

Another form of work: determining SSDI work requirements

When most people hear the words "Social Security," they think of retirement benefits to be received after a person chooses to stop working. For more than 10 million people, the words "Social Security" have a very different meaning: they have been prevented from continuing their careers by a disabling medical condition.

Driverless vehicle strikes, kills pedestrian

Proponents of self-driving technology say that it will revolutionize transportation. Driverless vehicles will consume less fuel and spew less pollution into the air. Proponents also say we will reduce traffic congestion, and perhaps best of all, dramatically reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Study: opioid prescriptions elongate work-injury leaves

When you suffer an on-the-job injury at your Charlotte workplace, the first thing on your mind is getting medical attention to ease the pain and to begin the healing process. A new study shows injured workers spend more time recuperating from their injuries when they receive long-term opioid prescriptions.

North Carolina Social Security Disability wait longer than average

If someone cannot continue working because of illness or injury, the wait for disability benefits now exceeds two years. According to a recent news article, the wait here in North Carolina for Social Security Disability benefits is slightly longer.

Three killed in high-speed North Carolina highway crash

The loss of young life is especially difficult to accept for those who are left behind. Bright futures full of love, families, careers and more are all taken away in an instant. There are some North Carolina families grappling today with that very painful reality.

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