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Charlotte construction accident claims life of worker

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It is important for workers to understand that they can expect to go to a safe workplace each day. A recent construction accident in Charlotte claimed the life of a 24-year old construction worker and many are asking for answers and demanding increased worker safety. The victim was killed in the construction accident when he fell 19 floors from a construction elevator. He came to rest on a small platform near the base of the elevator and was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics. The victim had a 3-year old daughter.

The North Carolina Department of Labor stated that it does not comment on an ongoing investigation and the local police declined to comment further concerning the fatal construction accident. The investigation into the construction accident may take months. One worker who had ridden the elevator 14 floors with the victim before getting off reported that the elevator began to shake as it continued upward and then the victim was thrown off. The tower that is currently under construction where the victim fell is expected to be 33 floors and workers have already completed 25 floors. It is currently the tallest building under construction in the area and will be the fourth tallest in the area when it is complete.

The general contractor also declined to comment further but reported they are cooperating with authorities. A representative for the general contractor also noted they follow the highest safety standards. Some fear that workers need better protections and more training and that trainings are conducted in English while the workers speak Spanish.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide important benefits for injured workers and for surviving family members of workers killed on the job through survivor’s benefits. It is equally important for workers to be familiar with their worker’s compensation benefits as it is for surviving family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a workplace accident to understand workers’ compensation survivor’s benefits. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer for help today.