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North Carolina worker killed by falling dumpster

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On July 16, 2018, a workplace accident at the Campbell’s Soup Plant in Maxton, North Carolina, resulted in the death of one man, and left another injured.

According to an article by the Charlotte Observer, a dumpster was being relocated by a forklift when it tumbled off, landing on top of two men. It is unclear as to exactly how the second man was injured, though it was reported that he was attempting to provide assistance. The injured party was airlifted to a treatment facility. The accident is currently under investigation by the North Carolina Department of Labor.

There are multiple factors to be considered in accidents such as this. The Department of Labor will likely take a close look at workplace safety procedures, safety training, and whether or not proper protocol was followed when the task of moving the dumpster was being performed. It is the duty of any employer to ensure that all employees, especially in a hazardous work environment, are properly trained and prepared for the safe operation of equipment. Further, any individual operating heavy equipment must obtain the required certification prior to doing so.

A Charlotte work injury lawyer can assist a family in many ways after any workplace accident, but especially after a tragic one such as this. He or she can take the necessary steps to make sure the worker’s losses are properly investigated, and that all potential evidence is quickly preserved. Most importantly, an attorney can be vital in making sure that a family is compensated for their loss and will be able to move forward without undue financial stress.