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Ikea ceiling lampshades cause injuries

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Furniture giant Ikea has announced a recall on lampshades. Specifically, the company is recalling its Calypso glass ceiling lamps, which have been known to detach from the ceiling and fall. Since the lampshades are glass, this defect causes potential laceration and blunt force trauma concerns for consumers, according to the U.S. Consumer and Product Safety Commission who issued the recall notice. These products were sold from August 2016 through July 2017.

So far, Ikea has been made aware of some minor injuries sustained by 19 customers. The company has offered full refunds or new lamp replacements to those consumers.

Though no major incidents have been reported thus far in this recall, these types of product defects can potentially cause traumatic and life-altering injuries. It is in these types of incidents that a personal injury attorney can help. Product liability, by definition, states that a consumer must be able to purchase a product with ordinary safety expectations. In layman’s terms, if we take this particular recall for example, a person should be able to purchase a lampshade with the reasonable expectation that it should not fall on their head and injure them. If an injury occurs, and these expectations have not been met, then a party could have a legitimate personal injury claim.

An attorney can assess the facts of any situation in which someone was injured by a faulty product, and offer expert guidance on ways to receive financial compensation. At the very least, a company can and should be held liable for medical expenses caused by one of its own defective products.