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We are dedicated to helping personal injury clients

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What could be a more routine action for people than going shopping? Usually the only damage people in Charlotte suffer from this is to their wallets. Still, many people suffer personal injury as a result of the experience, either from unsafe conditions at the store itself or unsafe products bought there. When another party’s negligence is the cause of an injury, it may be possible to recover compensation from that party for any damages suffered.

A few weeks ago, we told you about a major furniture retailer that recalled a glass ceiling lamp after getting reports of injuries suffered after the lamps detached from ceilings and fell. Nearly 20 incidents of falling glass lamps have occurred, and minor injuries have been reported. Hopefully any more defective lamps will be replaced before they cause serious injury or death.

When a person suffers injury because of another party’s negligence, it can be a good idea to move quickly to protect legal rights. Attorney Brett E. Dressler understands the challenges that injured clients face in dealing with the legal system. The financial stability of clients may be at stake as they deal with hospital bills and the aftereffects of serious injury. Whether clients have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, accidents from inadequately maintained premises, or other causes, he is dedicated to helping them navigate the legal system.

Recovering from unexpected injuries can be stressful enough, but the matter can quickly become overwhelming to those who seek legal action. That is why competent law firms like stand ready to lend a helping hand. For more information about the services we provide, please see the personal injury page on our website.