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Why was my workers’ compensation claim rejected?

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To determine why a particular workers’ compensation claim was denied it is important that a Charlotte resident seek the counsel of an attorney familiar with their case. This post will address some general reasons why claims of this nature are rejected, but specific information about unique cases should not be pulled from the information contained herein.

One reason that a workers’ compensation claim may be denied is if the worker’s harm was caused by their own intentional or reckless actions. Workers’ compensation is intended to compensate individuals who suffer losses while performing their job duties as required to by their employers. If a worker fails to follow their employer’s safety plans and acts in a way that causes them to suffer harm, then their injuries may not be covered by workers’ compensation.

Another reason that a worker’s claim for compensation may be rejected is if the worker was not actually working when the incident happened. For example, a worker may use their place of employment to engage in non-work tasks. If they are harmed while doing a task that is unrelated to their actual employment, then their claim for workers’ compensation may be denied. Workers’ compensation claims can also be rejected if workers were breaking the law when they suffered their injuries or when they were under the influence of drugs or alcohol when they sustained their work-related harm.

Getting workers’ compensation can make a huge difference in the life of an individual who cannot perform their job duties and therefore cannot support their loved ones with their income. Legal help can put a person on the right track toward filing a strong claim for worker’ compensation benefits. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation lawyer for help today.