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Representing victims of misdiagnoses, other malpractice

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A previous post on this blog talked about how important it is that doctors in Charlotte, North Carolina, diagnose their patients promptly and correctly the first time.

While sometimes a doctor is left making his or her best educated guess, all too often, preventable mistakes in identifying the cause of a patient’s ailments leave the patient in a worsened condition or, at the very best, weeks or even months behind in treating their true illness.

At our law office, we understand that discovering one has been the victim of a misdiagnosis, or an unduly delayed diagnosis, is a very frustrating situation for the victim or the victim’s family.

Doctors will rarely come out and admit that they committed medical malpractice, which means that in order to get compensation, victims will have to do some digging and be able to understand medical terminology and the like.

This is one reason why many North Carolina victims of medical malpractice trust our law office to help them get justice after they have experienced less than adequate care. With over 15 years of experience, the attorney at our office has successful represented the victims of a range of medical mistakes, included critical misdiagnoses of potentially deadly conditions like heart disease and cancer. We have a reputation even among other attorneys of providing top notch legal service.

Charlotte residents entrust their health and even their lives to their doctors and rely on them for good judgment. When it turns out this trust was misplaced, victims deserve compensation and will likely need it to cover even basic expenses. Our office is available to help people in such situations.