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Man killed in Charlotte area hit-and-run

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A man who was a well-known senior citizen in the Charlotte area has died after being hit by a car while crossing the street. This was a hit-and-run accident, as the driver of the vehicle fled the scene after striking the man. Police later tracked down the driver and arrested him, charging him with a felony.

Police say the accident happened in the evening hours near a shopping center with a grocery store where the man frequented. The man was returning to his home from the store and was crossing a busy street to do so.

While the police have indicated that they did not believe the driver had been speeding or drinking, they also indicated that they continue to investigate the matter. They have even asked members of the public to contact the police if they know anything further about the incident.

It is therefore likely too early to start determining ultimate responsibility for this accident. However, North Carolina drivers should remember that they need to be mindful that pedestrians can really be just about anywhere at any time. They should be especially mindful of their driving when on city streets or in neighborhoods, and they should give particular attention to people who appeared to be very young, elderly or handicapped, as they may not have the same ability to avoid cars as other people would.

Fortunately, in this case, the hit-and-run driver was caught and can thus be held accountable for any part he played in causing this accident. Often, such drivers are never found, but victims or their families may be able to get compensation by other means. Speaking to a personal injury attorney in the Charlotte area would be advisable in such circumstances.