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Can I work while receiving Social Security Disability?

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As this blog has discussed on previous occasions, the point of Social Security disability is to provide income to Charlotte, North Carolina, residents, along with workers in the rest of the country, when they are disabled and not able to earn an income.

The good news is that this does not mean there is an absolute prohibition on people who receive Social Security Disability from working while still drawing benefits. In fact, the Social Security Administration wants people to try to return to work, even on a limited basis. As a result, there are several incentives for doing so.

For one, recipients are allowed to earn up to $880 a month, for 2019, so long as they are up front with the Administration about their source of income. Earning more than $880 a month will be considered part of a trial work period, that is, a time in which a disabled person is allowed to see if he or she can return to work. If the person earns more than $880 a month in 9 out of any 60 months, then the Administration may re-evaluate whether the person is entitled to benefits, although additional relief may be available.

As a word of warning, though, this trial work period does not prevent the Administration from reviewing or terminating one’s benefits for other reasons. For instance, dishonesty or non-cooperation could lead to a termination of benefits, as could additional medical information showing that one’s underlying disability has gotten better.

The good news is that disabled Charlotte residents are allowed to do some work while drawing benefits. Detailed questions about whether and to what extent a person can work should be directed to an experienced attorney.