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Deadly jobs list includes usual suspects, some surprises

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A recent list of this country’s deadliest lines of work includes some occupations that people in Charlotte, North Carolina, probably have for a long time recognized were dangerous.

However, the list also includes some professions that people might not think of as particularly dangerous jobs, or, even if they do, they just do not come to mind as often.

For instance, according to this report, the deadliest job in the United States, by a longshot, is logging. Those who work in the industry experience an on-the-job death rate of over 132 per 100,000 workers. The job that comes in a distant second is fishing, which has a fatality rate of almost 55 per 100,000. The other jobs in the top five include aviation, roofing and garbage collecting.

There are also some other possible surprises on this top 20 list. For instance, architects and engineers appear on this list, as they often work at construction sites and have to work from heights frequently.

Likewise, although firefighters and police, unsurprisingly, make the list, it may be of more interest to readers that social workers are also in a particularly deadly profession. The reason is that the people with whom social workers engage often turn violent.

Other professions that appear on the list and that may come as no surprise to Charlotte residents include construction workers, miners and industrial workers.

Whether a North Carolina resident works in an especially deadly civilian profession or not, they and their families should remember that workers’ compensation benefits are available for injured workers or, in the event of a workplace death, the families of the victim. Contact a Charlotte workers compensation attorney for help today.