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One killed, 3 injured in head-on collision

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A tragic head on car accident in Concord, North Carolina, a growing suburb north and east of Charlotte, left a mother dead and a pastor and his wife seriously injured. The mother’s son, 10, also got hurt in the accident but is expected to recover.

Police who were investigating the accident, which happened on a state highway in the area, said that the mother’s vehicle crossed the median in the road and in to oncoming traffic. The vehicle then struck the car that the pastor was driving head on. The woman who crossed the center median died at the scene of the accident.

A relative of the pastor and his wife said the couple each suffered significant injuries. Both will require additional surgeries and rehabilitation as part of their recovery. The relative did say that they expected the pastor would be able to come home from the hospital, while his wife was expected to remain there for months.

Police say that they did not suspect drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident. There was an indication that it had been raining at the time of the accident, which could have made the roads slick.

This sad case illustrates a couple of important legal points. The first is that even the most responsible people need to remember that they need to slow down in wet weather or in other dangerous conditions, perhaps even more than they might expect. Going faster than the conditions safely allow can cause serious and even fatal accidents.

In this case, the motorist who was apparently responsible died in the accident, but it is important for those injured under such circumstances to remember that they can still pursue compensation. Even if the victims hold no ill will, the reality is that a personal injury lawsuit may be necessary in order for a person stay afloat financially after getting hurt.