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Driver blames fatal accident on his sun visors

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Sun visors are pretty standard equipment in vehicles these days. Most people probably see them as a safety feature on cars, as the visors can keep sun out of a driver’s eyes so that she can see the road ahead of her.

It is interesting then that a driver who was involved in a deadly car accident in the Charlotte area is blaming his sun visors for causing the rear-end collision. The driver has been charged with a misdemeanor offense since the accident caused a death.

This accident happened on Interstate 485, which loops around the greater Charlotte area. The victim was traveling through an area of the Interstate that commonly experiences traffic jams during the evening rush hour, the time in which this accident happened. Because of a backup, the woman had to slow down her vehicle considerably.

The man being charged slammed in to the rear of the victim’s vehicle, sending it careening in to the path of another vehicle that was traveling in an open lane, that is, where the driver capable of traveling at full speed. The victim died at the scene of the accident.

During the investigation, the man who rear-ended the woman, starting the chain action, claimed that he had his sun visor down on the vehicle. He said that the visor prevented him from looking far enough down the road to see that traffic had slowed.

Even if one takes for granted this unusual explanation for the accident, drivers have to use their equipment, including their safety equipment, responsibly. Ultimately, it is a driver’s job to assure himself he has a clear view of the road ahead and is able to pay attention. If a driver fails in this duty, victims and their families may be able to pursue a personal injury claim or, in this case, a claim for wrongful death.