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Those suffering mental health issues may get disability

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Thankfully, the American Social Security system recognizes that, like physical injuries and ailments, mental illnesses can leave a person unable to work. As in the case with other types of illness, many North Carolina residents who suffer from a mental illness may be eligible for, and need, the financial stability that a monthly disability check offers.

However, the fact that a Charlotte resident can get disability benefits via Social Security because of a mental illness does not mean that they will. In fact, the process of doing so is notoriously difficult, with around 60 percent of applications being denied at the initial stages of the process.

Our law office is able to help North Carolina residents with a mental illness successfully navigate through this difficult process. While we of course cannot promise a given result in any single case, we have successfully represented people with conditions ranging from PTSD to schizophrenia to depression and anxiety and personality disorders.

One of the techniques we use to help our clients is to make sure that their requests for benefits fully and accurately explain how their mental disability affects their capability to work.

In other words, we understand that documenting one’s diagnosis is only one of many important steps in the process of filing a successful Social Security claim on the basis of a mental disability.

We work to help our clients show the Social Security Administration that, even with the proper treatment, their mental health condition inhibits them from doing important work-related tasks like meeting deadlines, staying organized and relating to their colleagues and superiors.