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The costliest types of work-related accidents

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There are many ways workers in Charlotte can get hurt while on the job. However, statistics show that there are some common causes of workplace injury accidents. While an insurance carrier compiled these statistics, the information comes from a variety of sources, including the federal government and a think tank. According to these statistics, the primary source of workers’ compensation and related costs involve accidents with lifting or otherwise moving objects. These claims cost over $13 billion a year.

The second costliest type of workplace accidents, in terms of dollars, include falling. Although these types of falls are from the same ground level, they still cost over $10 billion per year. Incidentally, falls from a height, like from a ladder or scaffolding, cost an additional $5 billion a year. To round out the top three costliest types of accidents, getting hit from above by a heavy object that falls costs an average of $5.2 billion a year.

There some types of accidents that one might not think of off-hand but which in fact cost a lot when added up. For instance, injuries related to simply stumbling or tripping cost $2.2 billion, even though the injured worker does not actually fall in these casses. So-called repetitive motion injuries, like doing assembly line work or even typing on a keyboard, cost $1.6 billion.

As these statistics show, work-related injuries are very expensive. In fact, they cost over $52 billion a year. Workers in North Carolina are not expected to bear these costs alone, as they can get help for issues like lost wages and medical expenses through the state’s no-fault workers’ compensation system. Many workers choose to go through their workers’ compensation claims with the help of an experienced Charlotte work comp lawyer.