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Prom night a dangerous time for North Carolina teens

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Now that May has arrived, many high school students in the Charlotte area will celebrate the end of their school year by attending their school’s prom. Likewise, this is the season for graduation parties and other celebrations that young people love.

Unfortunately, many teens choose to drink alcohol or use drugs on these occasions, even though doing so is illegal under North Carolina law. According to one study, around one in three teenagers will either drink alcohol or use drugs on the night of their prom.

As if that were not bad enough, of those teens who did admit to drinking, over half, 54 percent, said that they planned to drink at least four alcoholic beverages. A teenager’s actual blood alcohol content depends on a number of factors, but four drinks can easily make a young person too drunk to legally drive.

This may explain why a lot of teenagers tend to be involved in fatal motor vehicle accidents between April and June, the time during which most schools hold proms and graduations.

Teenage drunk driving does not just affect teenagers, however. Any drunk or drugged driver is extremely dangerous, but a drunk driver who also does not have a lot of experience behind the wheel is at a very high risk for causing a severe accident.

Young drivers have an obligation to follow the law and drive safe and sober, especially on prom night. If they do not, and they cause an accident, then their victims may be able to pursue compensation via a personal injury cause of action based on negligence.