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Fiery car accident in Charlotte leaves 6 injured

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An accident on Interstate 485, the loop around Charlotte, left 6 people with serious injuries. Two of those injured fought for their lives at an area trauma center.

One of the vehicles involved in the accident burst in to flames at some point. Rescuers had to remove more than one person from the vehicle that burned after they managed to put the fire out. The rescuers had to cut the roof from the car in order to access the occupants. Authorities closed the Interstate for some time to conduct an initial investigation. Their investigation will continue. While the outcome of the police’s investigation will give some clarity as to the legal rights and options of those involved, generally speaking, there are very few multi-vehicle accidents that are truly unavoidable.

Whether it was due to simple inattentiveness, a mistake behind the wheel, or something more serious, like drunk driving, usually it is a driver’s decision at a critical point that causes one vehicle to collide with another.

In accidents where several people suffered serious injuries and a fire follows the accident, burn injuries are a real possibility. In any event, though, accident victims will likely have medical bills and ongoing rehabilitation expenses. Additionally, for any victim who had a job at the time of an accident, he or she will have to find a replacement income. Moreover, no one should underestimate the cost of the emotional and physical pain and suffering victims of a serious accident must face, oftentimes for the rest of their lives.

After a serious accident, the most important thing is for the victims to focus first on getting the care and treatment they need in the immediate aftermath. After that, though, they will may want to consult with a personal injury attorney about their legal options.