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Dealing with the disruption caused by an on-the-job injury

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Most people in North Carolina who get up and leave for work in the morning expect to return to the same place they left: home, safe and sound. However, there are many people who face daily danger on the jobsites they visit. Some workers are aware of the dangers they face and attempt to take the proper precautions. Others, like office workers, don’t think of their work environments as being unsafe. Unfortunately, across the spectrum, injuries can occur on-the-job and can disrupt life in a major way.

Our readers probably think that construction and industrial workers face the highest rate of danger in the workplace, and that is probably correct. However, there are other dangers in different areas of work as well. For example, those who drive a vehicle regularly for work put themselves in the possible position of being involved in one of the most common and dangerous events in America: a car accident. Others, even those who work in an office, may be facing the danger of a creeping injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or back problems which, until they become severe, may not even be noticeable.

Regardless of how it happens, a workplace injury can leave workers facing disruption at work and at home. They may not be able to earn an income if they can’t make it to work, thereby resulting in significant strain on their family.

At our law firm, we understand that workers who are injured on-the-job have many questions. We do our best to attempt to make sure our clients understand their options. For more information, visit the workers’ compensation section of our law firm’s website. Talk to a Charlotte work injury lawyer today for help.