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Construction accident injuries can be common for workers

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The construction industry can be dangerous for workers who may suffer serious injuries on the job that impede their ability to work and earn a living. It is essential for injured construction workers to be familiar with workers’ compensation benefits and other options that can help them when they were injured on a construction site.

During 2009, there were greater than 3.3. million nonfatal injuries and illnesses reported and greater than nine percent were suffered by construction workers according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of the construction injuries, 22 percent of the injuries and illnesses reported by construction workers were falls. Falls are a serious type of injury construction workers can suffer in a construction site accident. Falls can occur from all kinds of heights on a construction site including ladders, scaffolding, cranes, roofs and other heights.

In addition, falling objects can also be a danger on a construction site including construction equipment that is not properly secured. Equipment-related accidents can also result in harm to construction workers such as nail gun accidents. Being backed over by equipment, crush and collapse injuries can also occur on construction sites. Trench collapses, building collapses and other types of collapses may injure construction workers. Likewise, construction workers can suffer harm because of explosions, fires and, lastly, repetitive stress injuries.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help with the medical expenses and lost wages injured workers suffer. Construction accidents can threaten the physical, financial and emotional well being of construction workers who may be able to get help dealing with the impact of a construction accident through workers’ compensation benefits they should be familiar with. Contact a Charlotte work injury lawyer for help today.