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How can hazard assessment prevent accidents at work?

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While it certainly should not take an accident at your work for company leaders to initiate an assessment into safety protocols, sometimes these situations can provide encouragement and motivation for your superiors to take action. If you have been the victim of a workplace accident in North Carolina, it is imperative that you be forthright in expressing your concerns about the incident you were involved in to help your employer prevent similar accidents in the future.

The accident investigation that will be conducted by your employer will span various steps, but one that is critical to identifying which hazards ultimately led to the incident is an assessment. This process will require professionals to analyze your version of events in conjunction with on-sight observation to identify what the root cause was that created an imminent danger. Your willingness to share your experience could be the persuasion needed for your employer to proactively address what needs to be done to better protect you and others in the future.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are a couple of preventative steps that your employer can and should be taking to keep accidents from happening at all. First, they should implement a health program designed to provide you with adequate training and response techniques if you should ever encounter a hazard or experience an injury because of unforeseen danger. Second, they should be conducting scheduled inspections of their workspace to determine that hazards that are inherent to your line of work are being properly mitigated to protect you and your coworkers.

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